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September 3rd, 2009

12:25 am - Motorcycle Battery Died
I planned to bring my motorcycle to my stepdad's shop to clean the carburetor but it turns out the battery is dead and is not starting the engine.

After a few hours of dissecting and reassembling the damn thing, I just said screw trying to charge the old battery and bought a new one off eBay.
Current Mood: sadsad

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12:19 am - Installed the Bifold Doors
I just got done with the bifold closet doors in my house. I went over to Home Depot and bought 3 pairs to install. It turns out the den doors were a little too big for the opening (giggity) so I had to use my circular saw to cut 'em to size. They don't look too bad covered in primer and painted over.

Yep, another weekend job all done!

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July 9th, 2009

03:25 pm - AC Drip Pan Overflowing
Last night the drip pan connected to my air conditioning unit overflowed. I noticed this because the water that was in the pan made its way to one of the long usb cords that I ran for my security system and effectively killed it. I was not pleased at all.

It turns out that I fixed the problem by backwashing the pipe that leads outside with a quick jet of water from the garden hose. I was lucky because doing that could have broke the pvc pipe.

Now to replace the usb cable..

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July 7th, 2009

12:31 am - Home Refinance
I refinanced my loan on my house recently. This was a big step but I am glad it's taken care of finally.

Now just to pay it off for the next 30 years...
Current Mood: relievedrelieved

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May 28th, 2009

04:29 pm - Expensive New Kitty
As it turns out, my new kitty had a respiratory infection. I had to take him to the vet yesterday and they gave him a shot and a bunch of medicine for him to take daily until this thing heals up. I am to give him an antibiotic orally twice a day, eye drops to help his eye get better, and ear drops to help his ear.

This 'free' cat I got for Mother's Day has so far cost me $100 bucks. Whew.
Current Mood: optimisticoptimistic

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May 10th, 2009

02:54 pm - New Kitty Acquired!
My mom saw an article in the paper today. The humane society is giving away free cats and kittens for Mother's Day if I brought my mother to the shelter. About 30 minutes later we both walked out with an adorable baby kitty!

I haven't figured out what to call him but I'm working on that... and I will get some pictures up later.
Current Mood: excitedexcited

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April 5th, 2009

11:14 pm - Home Improvement Update
My friend and I did a ton of work to the house this weekend.

Val came over and trimmed all the hedges in the back yard. He did one hell of a job and the cleared area gives enough area to work with so I can begin placing the outdoor ambient lighting.

While he was working on the hedges, I was busy painting the last segment of the fence and the mailbox. I was lucky to finish both before the sun set and I must say I am really impressed with how it turned out. I used a black enamel that looks very nice when dry. I saved a few hundred bucks buying new equipment and everything so I'm very happy.

For the less modern lighting outside, I bought small tiki torches that are going to be used for pool parties to add a nice touch at night.

I also bought 8 bags of rubber mulch. Supposedly, the coloring in this stuff lasts longer than real mulch, up to 15 years. Now I just need to find out the best place to lay it out.
Current Mood: accomplishedaccomplished

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April 1st, 2009

08:55 pm - Spring Home Improvement
Now that Spring has started, I have decided to start working on several of the various projects that need to be done around the house.

The easiest to do is painting, so I am going to attempt that first.

Yesterday I finished painting one of the two fence segments that surround my pool. About a year ago my step-dad installed it for me because we did not have enough aluminum fencing to completely wrap around the house. Now, I finally decided to pull out the paint brush and paint it with enamel. The black enamel that I am using is almost like tar in consistency and works well painting the wood. One segment is down and one more to go.. making a lot of progress!

I just finished painting the door trim on the master bedroom and I am slowly going around and retouching everything that needs to be painted white. Two coats for everything: Killz primer for the first coat and the real interior semi-gloss for the second.

It looks like I have my work cut out for me.. I still have to do the following:

  • Paint the entire house exterior

  • Buy a new mailbox

  • Redo the driveway including new edging and rubble

  • Reboard the outdoor BBQ pit area

  • Buy and replace the in-ground pool lights

One thing at a time...

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March 2nd, 2009

09:12 pm - Water Softener Clock Timer Broke
My water softener stopped working a few weeks ago. It took me a while to figure out it wasn't working because I never really understood how they work.

After dissecting the water softener clock timer assembly, I've found that one of the tiny gears broke its teeth and prevented the timer from going into regenerate mode.

I am in the process of ordering it now so hopefully I will get it soon. It's pretty cool that within a couple of days I now understand completely how home water system work.
Current Mood: accomplishedaccomplished

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January 21st, 2009

09:27 pm - New Pet Project
I've been working on creating a security system for my house in my spare time. So far, I am using a rather interesting design based on how the profession grade monitoring alarms work. In addition to not having to pay a monthly fee for the monitoring, my system features some cool stuff like duress key codes and automatic motion detection and notification.

More details later..

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